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About Us: Who We Are

20 Years creating the finest Chinese Food in Dorset

As a school boy working at a his family’s chinese restaurant in Bournemouth, Top Wok founder Ronnie Luke felt there was something missing from the local food scene that upmarket customers demanded: a superior quality chinese takeaway service for special occasions or even as a regular treat. His dream was to one day open a ultra-modern chinese takeaway that could fill this void.

In 1994, after saving up enough money to secure premises and equipment Ronnie opened the first Top Wok kitchen in Christchurch. Top Wok soon raised the quality of food on offer and revolutionised the industry, it was the first Chinese takeaway to feature an open plan kitchen that allowed customers to watch the chefs cook their food. The kitchen was impeccably clean and the finest fresh local ingredients were sourced.

From the outset Ronnie knew he would make the best Chinese dishes in the south, but by using the best quality ingredients and cooking every order from scratch Top Wok did something radically different. No pre-prepared cooking warmed up in microwaves behind the scenes like so many other takeaways. Ronnie refused to sway from this commitment to quality. It worked, and people loved the Top Wok philosophy. The Top Wok chain grew to include branches in Parkstone, Ferndown and Bournemouth. These locations are now run independently however and Top Wok Parkstone remains as the only Top Wok run by the original founder, using the original philosophy.

“Quality Chinese cooking using Better Ingredients has been at the foundation of Top Wok for more than 20 years. You have my commitment that Top Wok Parkstone will not stray from this philosophy of the finest quality & superiority upon which the company was built. We will always strive to be ‘Takeaway at its best’.”




Ronnie Luke,

Top Wok Founder